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Profitable Fish Farming Business

profitable fish farming business

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The book “profitable fish farming business (a practicle guide)”by Aletor Palmer (MBA,HND) is a comprehensive manual for prospective farmers and investors for achieving success in fish farming business.Encouraged by promises of phenomenal profit margins by promoters coupled with incentives and programs by government departments and agencies it is common to come across farmers and investors who have gotten their fingers burnt investing millions of naira but forced to abandon the business for lack of profit. Hence there is the need for sound technical knowledge and articulate practice to guarantee reasonable income.The book is a compendium of knowledge and experiences of the author, farmers groups and information by government department and other organizations towards achieving success in fish farming business from relevant government departments and other organizations towards achieving success in fish farming business.The topics covered includes; tips in successful fish farming business, steps in getting started, tools and equipments, pond construction and fertilization,water quality and management, fingerlings procurement and soughting principles, feeds types and feeding methods, fish health and common diseases, vitamins and growth boosters, financial management and investment analysis, marketing and international market perspective, and much more. The book is a compelling read for students in various institutions and all those who are interested in various aspects of the fish farming business in Nigeria. It is intended to help in contributing to closing the gap of the dearth of information on the subject of fish farming business. Enjoy reading. God bless. PALMER Reach me with: 0803 667 2141...

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