Amy's Artistry (Olayide Samiat) is a teenage writer. Author of Immortality and suicidal, melancholia is her debut poetry book. She's a podcaster... more

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Ever felt Blue? Well, everyone has. Not the kind that passes after a night sleep, no. Not the one that everyone sees. Maybe not everyone understands what they're going through; the silent pain, the one that tugs at your heart, at every beat. The one that swims across your belly, yes, that silent pain. The one that just never goes up, even if we try to let it out....

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Unfair #LIPFEST18

unfair #lipfest18

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This contains a poem about gender inequality....

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Suicidal (#CampusChallenge)

suicidal (#campuschallenge)

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KT was an innocent boy turned into a villain by his own people. Journey into the head of this human and get ready because you are not prepared for some of the things there. Olayide Samiat 200 level Mass Communication Lagos State University 4101...

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