S.Y. Anokehi is a graduate of Agriculture from Bayero University, Kano. During his National Youth Service Corps, mandatory for Nigerian graduates... more

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time gives birth to champions - adult only (18+)18+

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The book has been created to serve as inspiration and enlightenment for those who wish to make a positive change in their lives. The stories are ones of how people turned real-life experiences into wisdom to achieve their dreams. The book is aimed to challenge readers that status, culture, religion, and economy do not limit breakthroughs. It is hoped that readers will be inspired towards self-development, using the brain, and time to gain extraordinary energy, which when put to work will reward them with power, and a realization of happiness and inner peace. It is a book for heroes and heroines who must start from zero; then through honesty, integrity, discipline, dedication, perseverance, and persistence, will be able to achieve what many people think is impossible....

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Advice for young scholars

advice for young scholars

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This is a creative effort aimed at ensuring easy learning for the young minds towards discovering their own art of learning. The heritage of every nation depends on the potential of its citizens. Brain cells worldwide are the same for all humans; the difference lies in the development. The author is determined to spark the desire for effective change among the young African scholars since they are the future of the continent, he hopes to guide their cognition and stimulate talents and creativity for a better humanity. The book is comprised of a short story and poetry; it gives the child the inspiration to aspire and persevere, using intuition and imagination to be aware of the mystery of life. ...

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