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The Case of the Thief and the Lynx

the case of the thief and the lynx

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Fan Fiction! A tale of love found in the most unlikely place Two people, misunderstood by the world they find themselves in who find love in each other!...

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Iyunade: Daughter of Idande

iyunade: daughter of idande

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A tale of a place where the unusual is the norm, where myth is reality and anything is possible. Award-winning journalist Awadi is in Idande on a special invite to film a documentary. The throne has sat vacant for 3 years and ‘The Elite’ are tasked with finding the ‘son of promise’. Iyunade is broken by events from the past but her love for Idande is unyielding in the face of adversity. The gods walk amongst men and Idande is being rebirthed. Book one of Idandes’ Elite: The gifted is a story showcasing Africa and its beauty. It weaves a tale of strength while incorporating elements of patriotism, the supernatural, betrayal, loss, and love....

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