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A Carnage Before Dawn

a carnage before dawn

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The Prime Minister and the Finance Minister have just been abducted and their whereabouts unknown. The Premiers of the Northern and Western Region have been murdered with some senior military officers of the Army. There has been a coup, a mutiny, and carnage by a group of junior army officers. The first time in the nation. However, the General Officer Commanding of the Nigerian Army outmanoeuvred the boys and crushed the rebellion which eventually marked the end of the First Republic. The events of January 15, 1966, marked a turning point in the history of Nigeria and will forever go down as one of the nation's most defining moments....

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Aburi: Echoes of the Nigeria-Biafra War

aburi: echoes of the nigeria-biafra war

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The Head-of-State, Major-General Aguiyi-Ironsi had been murdered and General Gowon had ascended office while violence erupted in Northern Nigeria. The military governor of the East, Lt. Col. Emeka Ojukwu did not recognise Gowon's promotion and called for a neutral ground to chart the way forward for the country. The venue was Aburi, Ghana. What now really happened at Aburi that led to the 30-month civil war? What role did the Yoruba people, led by Chief Obafemi Awolowo, and the "Super" Permanent Secretaries play after the meeting at Aburi? A must-read for every lover of Nigerian History.............

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