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Adelaide Street (and other short stories)

adelaide street (and other short stories)

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Adelaide Street is a short story that follows a young Nigerian living and schooling in one of Canada's Ontario cities - Kitchener. Although, depressed due to the hardship of paying his school fees, a new hope arises when he gets called for an interview to one of Canada's Big-5 in Toronto. The story further delves into the encounter he had on his way to the interview and how the word 'Adelaide' had wrongly played in his head all along. Majority of the stories in this book explores the new immigrant experience in Canada....

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On Okada To U.S

on okada to u.s

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Uche is a young hardworking Nigerian who would love to further his education by all means. He has just been granted a study Visa to the school of his dreams in the United States. Ayinde on the other hand is an Okada rider in The Ikorodu axis of Lagos. Fate somehow brought this two young men together. ...

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