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the banker's secret

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Idara Sunday is a successful banker who seems to have everything going for her. Nnamdi Okonkwo is an unemployed graduate with a wife and kids. What many don't know, however, is that underneath the facade, they are each battling their own demons. When fate leads them to cross paths, will they be courageous enough to seize their destiny, or will they allow their fears to overcome them? ...

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The Student

the student

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....her heart palpitating, she watched with something akin to horror as a lanky woman, probably in her mid thirties, shook her fist in the lecturer's face while spewing vitriol at her... Adaora is a young woman who, like many other young women, combines her education with marriage and family. An incident with her project supervisor in the university changes her life, however, and it takes the help of a newspaper reporter to get her life back on track again....

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A Crown of Beauty

a crown of beauty

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As a child, Ada seemed to have it all. With doting parents, a best friend, and a crush on Alex Babatunde Haastrup; her rival in primary school; life couldn't have been more interesting. A tragic occurrence in her late teenage years shatters her fairytale existence, however, and Ada finds herself rebelling against everything she has ever believed in and keeping her distance from her loved ones- including Alex. Years later, a chance encounter in the university forces her to confront her fears, and when fate brings her and Alex together again, they must decide if they can let go of the past and give the future a chance. ...

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how to promote your book through book bloggers

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So you’ve written a book. What next? How do you get the word about your book out there? There are many different ways of doing this. You could decide to go the traditional route and let a publishing house handle everything for you. You could decide to advertise your book on different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. One book marketing avenue many authors neglect, however, is that of book blogging. This little booklet by a book blogger, Lauretta Ani, is written to teach authors how to promote their books with the help of book bloggers....

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