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spoilt at church

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Martha openly confessed and accepted Jesus as her Lord and personal savior. The next moment she was pregnant. Abandoned and ostracized by those that should be her pillar of support, she plans to end it all. The genesis of the early Church was fellowship and love. The church is a place to find help and shoulders to cry on. What happens when the Church becomes a battle ground? Where do we turn to when Christians refuse to bear one another's burden in love? Where is the modern Church getting it wrong? Martha's predicament threatens her very existence. Kike the church girl will need all the help in the world to keep her head above waters. One wonders if the religious background of Jide would shield him from temptations. No one should get spoilt at Church....

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the few bad eggs

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It is an election year in Nigeria, and the citizens are eager to have a much awaited CHANGE. In the same year, Federal Specialist Hospital, Samaru, becomes enmeshed in a scandal that would rock it to the foundation. Heads will roll. Someone has to answer for the professional misconduct, especially because a politician is involved. Politics is played at the high places. Show of power is at its peak. Things are rapidly falling apart. Love, pain, nepotism, betrayal and vengeance. When the FEW BAD EGGS are given free hand, lawlessness becomes the order of the day....

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