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before you say "i do"

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BEFORE YOU SAY "I DO" The Perfect Relationship Guide For Singles & Engaged is highly recommended for singles and engaged to help them make the right choices in relationships, sustain and build such relationships and finally say "I DO". The book is also great for married couples to help them refocus on the needful in their relationship and for premarital counseling purposes.  The book addresses the following areas, among others: How to differentiate between a fling and a relationship. (To avoid unnecessary heartbreak and waste of time). How to successfully woo a lady (The men would love this!). How to make the right choice in marriage. (The wrong choice can be too costly to handle). Compatibility areas to consider in a relationship.  How to know God's will in marriage.  Carrying a proper background check before marriage.  Identifying the danger signs of unhealthy relationships. Maximizing your Courtship for a successful marriage.  Availability and accessibility for a relationship.  Right attitude for a great and rewarding relationship.  Lots of personal experiences also included. ...

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