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Made For Me

made for me

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Urenna Okoro is a bombshell— beauty and brains with the right dose of charisma. She is a perfect example of a resilient contemporary woman navigating her way to the top in the corporate world. Kunle Adeshola is a dashing, tough business executive, an intelligent risk-taker with zero tolerance for laxity. Love is the farthest thing on his mind when he meets Urenna Okoro, the newly-employed data analyst who turns out to become the best hand in his team and the very backbone of the success of his company. Sparks fly between the two, as Kunle battles with his treacherous emotions, while Urenna finds herself in a dilemma between Jide, her ex-boyfriend and Kunle, his elder brother. But sooner than later, the secrets lurking in the shadows are revealed, and things never remain the same…...

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for her eyes only

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This pocket-friendly book contains life nuggets and enlightening tips for every woman who desires to have a happier home by bringing out the best in her man and for every man who desires to see a transformed and better version of his woman. For the ladies, BUY THIS BOOK if you want • To know what men want • To know what men do not want • Essential tips to make him happy • Essential tips to make him value you • Essential tips to make him respect you • Essential tips to make him want you • Essential tips to make him love you • Essential tips to give you work-life balance • Essential tips to stop you from exerting yourself • Essential tips to make you a happier wife • Essential tips to give you a happier home • Essential tips to give you a stable and happy marriage • CAUTION! For the men, BUY THIS BOOK for your woman but don’t read it. Remember it’s FOR HER EYES ONLY!...

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to be the best

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Nnenna Ezeani, a junior secondary one student in Riverdale Secondary is nicknamed ‘bottom of the class’ and spends time on things other than her school work. Chidi Adiele, the class prefect and head of the ‘Trail-Blazers’, a popular study group, is the class genius and the best student in the whole Junior Secondary One block. But things seem to change when Nnenna realizes it doesn’t pay to be ‘bottom of the class’ and joins in the rat race for a much sought-after scholarship and in the bid to be the best. Find out the strategies, gimmicks and ploys used in this inspiring and hilarious novel and discover how true determination births success.  ...

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conditional inheritance

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What happens when….Joe Adigwe, a business tycoon battles with a post-traumatic stress disorder and is desperate to remain in his father’s will… Okezie Maduka, a dare-devil hustler with a penchant for getting into trouble fails to fulfill his part of a huge contract and gets the police on his trail… Chez Maduneme, a dashing fast-rising executive in an advertising firm possesses charm and charisma and employs them to get whatever he wants…. Nene Maduka, a young, raving beauty is caught in the middle of it all. Not only does she deal with the challenges in her relationship with Chez, she is the only one who can save her brother, Okezie from yet another trouble— only on one condition. She has to embark on a journey to get Joe Adigwe back into his father’s will and in the process, discovers his dark secret…  ...

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Whispers of the Heart

whispers of the heart

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When Dino loses his wife of ten years to a terminal illness, all hope seems to be lost save for Tonia who quickly comes to his aid, stands in as his strong pillar of support and helps him get his life back in order. But he is in for a rather rude shock as events unfold with time to bring him face to face with the reality that he is falling hard for her….and especially when he is not supposed to. Tonia, following the tragic loss of her only sister, has picked up the reins of her life and is ready to face her future with all the boldness she can muster . . . a new job, a bright future and plenty of attention from the menfolk. But when fate begins to draw her closer to the man she least expects to harbor deep feelings for, she knows she’s walking on a time bomb and has no choice but to question the whispers of her heart and rely on her unwavering faith in God....

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