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Onyi a stubborn child has more underneath all that surface toughness she is putting up and it is only a caring teacher that can dig deep and bring out the beautiful girl within....

Dear Jerome

dear jerome

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Dear Jerome is the story of a young frustrated man who is yet to discover his inherent powers until he attempts suicide....

Gba: The sound of a car kissed

gba: the sound of a car kissed

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Lagos is a place where in a traffic jam everyone is in a hurry to move even into the smallest space and when a car hits another there is commotion and a fight but when you see a gentle man whose car has been bashed and he utters no words be afraid. ...

Just like me

just like me

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Kamsi a struggling young graduate sells beside the road in the high brow area in Victoria Island, she needs to make ends meet as her husband’s salary is not enough to cater for them and their new baby. The Taskforce guys are only doing their jobs. An entertaining story of the clash of poverty with duty. ...

Man of the South

man of the south

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Festus and his wife in search of a child tricks single Uju into becoming a surrogate mother without her consent. They steal her child and throw her out of their house. Vengeance becomes her only solace. They can’t imagine what she has in store for them. ...