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Velvetrip is a multi-layered, intricately written collection of fifteen poems, which address the following themes, among others: Moral Ambiguity, Entitlement, Pride, Peace, Cowardice, Conflict, Greed, Social Crisis, Nostalgia, Rediscovery, Revival, Survival, Healing, Finality....

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Tiny Drops Of Beaujolais (#CampusChallenge)

tiny drops of beaujolais (#campuschallenge)

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Name: Durueke Clinton Charles Level: 200 Department: Law School: University of Lagos Word Count: 3,930 SYNOPSIS: How far along can someone come on a quest, without acknowledging the limits? How far can one go to keep happiness intact? How high is the price to be paid? Normalcy is the order of the day for 29-year-old Tamaralayefa Onojaife, with her enviable government appointment and her engagement to the enterprising and ambitious Akinbode Sasegbon. However, between lush beginnings and a local mystery spans an obvious trail left in the wake of a quest that will only spell suicide for one party- or both. Only that this deathly consequence would emerge after a cross-revelation takes the order of things to heights even love can barely reach....

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