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Home is a Distant Dot

home is a distant dot

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Alice Ihetu, a thriving journalist, returns to her hometown of Umuahia not only to keep up with the series of turbulent events going on there, but also to a stricken 77-year-old grandmother, Iheoma Nwazu who has a secret - her experience and pain during the Nigerian Civil War. In 1965, Iheoma meets and falls in love with a Plateau-born Nigerian soldier, Pam; a man she adores. Their plans towards marital happiness is halted by a string of violence that takes place before and during the Nigerian Civil War. To stay alive, they separate. Pam fights in the war while Iheoma runs away from her workplace in Zaria during the pogrom. Alone, she escapes from her hometown of Enugu to Ikot Ekpene, from Ikot Ekpene to Uyo, Itu, Calabar and finally Owerri – barely making it out alive. Three years later both lovers reunite, but ‘one last offensive’ proves to be the ultimate decider on whether or not their love would last, or whether they would stay happily ever after, together forever....

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