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The Time Traveller's Secret - Adult Only (18+)

the time traveller's secret - adult only (18+)18+

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Do you believe that one can travel to the future and the past? What would you do if the future of the world rests on your shoulders? This is the story of Alex and Denae, two lovers who seemed to have it all. Theirs was a dangerous love story yet their love was pure and unconditional. ...

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Dreams Could Come True

dreams could come true

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Shan David found herself caught up between two men and they all claimed to love her unconditionally. One of the men was her destruction and the other her salvation... The thing was, she loved them both... Can a woman love two men at the same time? What happens when a woman ends up with the wrong man? This is a story of love, hate, lust, obsession, betrayal, abuse, trust, and hope. This is the 5th story in the bridal series ...

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Shadows Of Yesterday

shadows of yesterday

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What happens when a mother disapproves of her son's choice of wife? Bitterness and hatred sets in. Shayet and Tissan are married, happy and head over heels in love. They had their future all mapped until a sinister force threatened the love they shared. Will the love they share survive the evil of this world? What is love without forgiveness and tolerance? We all have a past, but we decide whether to rule over our past or have our past rule over us....

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Captor Of My Heart: The Tamers

captor of my heart: the tamers

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Maureen first saw Jake at her brother's wedding and knew she must have him in her bed, even if it meant she had to trick him. What she forgot was that you can't have a man who didn't want you. Jake made sure of that but then, he suddenly found his heart being taken by his own nemesis. This is the fourth story in the bridal series...

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Deceitful Couple

deceitful couple

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Mich Nicholas needed her father to disown her before she drag her prestigious family to the mud. What man would marry such a spoilt brat but Joel Jason, a man with his own secrets who needed to have an urgent marriage of convenience before his family get wiped out. Find out what happens in a marriage built on deceit, lies, disloyalty, secret and danger. Only thing is that, neither Mich nor Joel thought that falling in love was part of the deal. This is the third story of the bridal series...

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