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The Spellbound Anthology

the spellbound anthology

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Meet a prince who's entranced by a mysterious maiden in the woods; a successful billionaire who's stuck on his childhood love but soon finds that distance doesn't always make the heart grow fonder; a senator's daughter who's fallen for an ordinary waiter; a lad fighting religious and family differences for his love; and an antisocial billionaire who meets his childhood love after years of separation. And in the bonus short story, meet a prince who finds beauty in the eyes of a grotesquely disfigured pauper. ...

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Unknowing Alpha

unknowing alpha

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When Alpha shows up at Bethany’s house in a car only a millionaire can afford, she realizes he is anything but the middleclass boy she thought him to be, and is concerned about what other secrets he holds. Series of frontal attacks inform her of an unknown enemy. To make things even worse, Alpha who should be by her side deserts her and returns to being his old self, the lone Alpha. Bethany finds herself unknowing the Alpha she has tried so hard to know. Will she accept the end of their relationship, or will she struggle to unmask the secrets behind his distance? ...

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Knowing Alpha

knowing alpha

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Bethany Howell, aka Daddy's Little Princess, is the typical spoilt rich girl. For the first time, she notices Alpha Jordan, a classmate, and craves his attention. But trying to get close to him always leaves her with a broken heart. An unknown admirer, nicknamed Mr. Anonymous, writes her letters every day. These letters always mend her heart after Alpha breaks it like it's made of glass. Although Alpha's attitude toward her makes it clear he dislikes her, she refuses defeat and sets out to win his heart. Will Alpha ever give her a chance to know him? ...

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