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Chronicles of Orimiri and other stories

chronicles of orimiri and other stories

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Precious Obiabunmo 's debut book comes with firm promise and delight. It is a collection of flash fiction stories, and a pocketful of poems with a thousand themes — fantasy, love, youthful exuberance, rape, Igbo cosmology, campus life and so on. . Her stories and poems have a vivid quality, fine humour, shocking instances, and deep scenarios. 'The Chronicles of Orimili' Kingdom reveals the legendary "Mammi water" in her glory; 'Disillusioned' mirrors the vicissitudes of Nigerian campus life; 'Society Won't Believe You' sheds some light on the reality of rape; 'Undesirable' wounds around heartbreak; 'In The Beginning' reenacts the myth of Igbo cosmology. And many more. Though concise, they are fresh and replete with humour so good enough to make your day -Henry Chidi Ogechukwu...

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