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the healer

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Everyone is gifted, yet there are diverse kind of gifts. This is the story of Alora, a girl gifted with ability to understand and use nature's healing power. The healer, as she she is fondly call, goes through a season that makes her lose yet gain. Through the death of a dear friend, the princess, she gains the love of a father and begins her journey to healing the world. Meet Alora, the healer. ...

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tales of love

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Mark is a chef and fine boy, who had hurt the love of his life, Sade, numerous times. Sade is a strong career woman, passionate yet soft at heart. A ray of light shine in their dark marriage. Will they ever enjoy the sweetness of love again? Tope, best friend to Sade, and Wale, Sade's younger brother, met themselves in an odd and strange circumstance. Fate plays it game of love, and these two falls in love against their wishes. Will their love ever be possible and accepted? Tales of love is a story of two related couples and their fight for love portrayed in an everyday setting. Enjoy!...

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Princess is a young girl, full of life, but faced with hardship of life. When mama sold her elder sister to a man for few moments of pleasure, she was dismayed. Her mum who was supposed to be their covering, was the very one who pushed them to danger. A fight ensued and princess discovers mama isn't her biological mother. When Chisom, her elder sister, commits suicide, the real struggle begins. In a bid to escape from mama, she runs away from home. At the brink of death, she finds her savior, Madam Pearl. Only Madam Pearl isn't a savior but a manipulator who would lead her into the very trouble she is running from. Kola, her lover, will soon prove himself to be a devil in an angel's light. What she runs from will eventually be the death of her....

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