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IN YOUR ARMS; Preview Version

in your arms; preview version

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Adetola was a Yoruba Princess who was forced to marry a Northern Prince to bring peace to the Yoruba and Hausa kingdoms. She already has her life well planned out but suddenly she was betrothed and even though life seemed unfair, she accepted her fate after all effort to fight the marriage proved abortive. She began her life as a married woman to a very gorgeous Prince who eventually got to her and make her fall in love. However, the Prince was also in love with someone at the time of their betrothal and he never let the woman go. They fought their way through life till the event that brought them together suddenly tore them apart. Even though they were in love, they could not live in love....

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BONDAGE AND SUBMISSION; a sex story - Adult Only (18+)

bondage and submission; a sex story - adult only (18+)18+

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An intense sexual encounter between colleagues involving a light play of bdsm...

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DANGEROUS CONTROL (Preview version)

dangerous control (preview version)

135 reads

The book is about a Nigerian superstar; LoyaT Scott who struggled to fame doing some very unspeakable thing that resulted in the conception of her only daughter. She took the anger that resulted from how she was manipulated before success and turned that into the fire behind her flame, she became obnoxious and insanely particular about controlling everyone and everything in her life. She ruined her relationship with her daughter as well as the only man she ever truly cared about. Loya has to find a way to address her past and live her truth in the present....

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FAR AWAY 1 (Preview version)

far away 1 (preview version)

79 reads

Annie Clement and Papi Peters are two children from the opposite side of the camp, their families used to be best of friends but life happened and now they cannot see eye to eyes. Somehow, well wishers and intermediaries try to interfere so they were all brought to the yacht for a peacemaking meeting, the next thing Annie and Papi realise is that they are lost and alone on an island far away from home and they have to survive and find their way back home....

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CHEAT; Story of a cheated wife (Preview Version)

cheat; story of a cheated wife (preview version)

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This is the story of an obedient loving wife who didn't deserve what she got from her husband. Like every normal couple in love, Monalisa Micheal and Charles Micheal fell deeply in love, however, their love seemed not to be enough when the trials of marriage started forthcoming. Monalisa saw a side to her husband she never thought was there, likewise Charles realised his wife could do things he never knew she was capable of but could this justify Monalisa's feelings of been cheated on not only in love but in life when her dreams were snatched away from her while she watched on. This is a heartbreaking story of love but like they say, everything is fair in love and in war....

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