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When Imo, who is no saint herself, comes home to find her husband cheating, she turns with hesitation to her mother. But a traumatising peppery event from Imo's teenage days is the love-hate backdrop which frames their relationship of recurrent conflict and tough love. Add to all that, her mother is now ill and may need a kidney transplant. How is Imo going to handle all these issues? This is a book with unexpected twists and revelations culminating in a profound, sober moment of devastating realisation. ...

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Ask Me About Abuja

ask me about abuja

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Hugo Lush and Tiny... Hot girls in Abuja's hot zone. They have been raped, robbed, and battered. Now they have a dagger and something dangerous in a small, tightly cocked bottle. Who are they after? What are they going to do? Meanwhile, a man creeps into the clinic where Sarah works. He's squeezing his thighs together like a mouse is about to jump out from between them. While she wonders why she has to be the one to nurse yet another man with a desire to make soft things stay firm longer than nature intended, what exactly will she do to solve his problem? On the other side, Amina is confiding in wine to drown the worry of a runaway daughter, and she's losing her mind. Will she put a knife into the beef she now has with her husband over why their teenage daughter left home? Add to all that, Ginika returns from a trip to find her fiancé and her best friend playing something more than just a round of Scrabble. Is the wedding off or what? Ask Me About Abuja is a collection of stories set in a city that never sleeps and is obsessed with matters beyond politics and money. Expect the unexpected. And be advised you might end up "over-liking" some of the characters in this collection....

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