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Reversing The Rot in Nigeria

reversing the rot in nigeria

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"The case of Nigeria is a sad tale of what could have been." Nigeria has been described in unflattering terms as the giant with the feet of clay, and the grown up man still wearing diapers. It is easy to see that the country has under-performed on all positive indices of material development, given the huge human potential and the natural resources available to it. This book probes further and identifies the particular swings, policy decisions, actions and inactions that have brought the Nigerian state to this point. If you want to know: •What is destroying productivity in Nigeria? (It's not what you think) •Why has Nigeria not been able to supply enough petroleum products to the populace? •What exactly is the problem (and solution) of fuel subsidy in Nigeria? •How is corruption and organised religion affecting Nigerians today? •Who are the culprits that have foisted this critical situation upon Nigerians? •What is to blame for the economic ruin that Nigeria is in now? •How do we start to reverse the rot that Nigeria is in? These questions are answered in this book. Read it to be educated, enlightened and empowered. Read this book to get to the root of Nigeria's crisis. Read this book, so that you can ask the right questions, and get the right answers....

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