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Nonsense and Ingredients

nonsense and ingredients

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Every man and woman on the face of this planet has a struggle: a struggle to become that which they are wired to be; a struggle to live, give to life and take on the dance floor with no excuses of what others will say. But does the society and her standards really allow us breathe in the kind of atmosphere we create for ourselves? Truth is, the society is a lot harsher on the same people whom nature has endowed with multiplicity: women. Nonsense and Ingredients is a collection of ten stories that do not just challenge the negative views the society has of women but also highlight the need for everyone to be concerned and take on the baton of responsibility towards the role women play in the society. This book will teach and entertain you. You may have a good laugh reading it but I urge you to learn from every page. It is my hope that everyone will find meaning in these stories and challenge these unnecessary status quo that hinder the peaceful co-existence of family units in the society. I also cease this opportunity to thank all those who helped to make this little book possible. Thank you and have a great read. Chidindu M. ...

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The Beginner's Guide To Storytelling

the beginner's guide to storytelling

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If you want to write a good story,but do not know how to go about it, then this book is for you. If you intend to discover your personal or business story, this is where to start. If you have been writing and you intend to update your knowledge of the story craft, this copy is for you....

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My Mama and I

my mama and i

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My Mama and I is a collection of five short stories that reveal how powerful motherhood is in shaping the destinies of children. The mother-and-child conversations in this book, are packed with lessons that resonate with the readers and will inspire them to live within healthy boundaries. Cries and laughters, bitter-sweet experiences are what readers will flashback to in this book. Have fun reading. Chidindu MMADU-OKOLI...

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