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Building Friendship

building friendship

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Your friend is that person who wants to see you succeed. He is happy when you do well and he sees your success as his own. He wants to see you have the best in life. He will do everything he can to see that things go well with you. You can only find such friends among those who understand covenant. Therefore, building valuable friendship is one of the biggest blessings of being human. Dr David Ogbueli bring you life transforming insights into the art of building and maintaining friendships. You can never go wrong with these lessons....

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Dominion Mandate

dominion mandate

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Man was created for Dominion. It is the right of every human being but unfortunately, we find that man lives under the dominion of demon powers, under the dominion of sin, and of the devil. In “The Dominion Mandate,” Pastor David Ogbueli delves into the mandate that God gave man to man at creation. We see how man lost his authority and dominion as well as God’s plan to restore man to the position of authority, power and dominion that he lost. “And let them have Dominion,” is what God said at creation. It is what he is still saying today. So go on, and have Dominion....

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How to Choose Political Leaders

how to choose political leaders

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Is God interested in Politics? The answer is a resounding Yes. Is He interested in the kind of persons we should choose as our political leaders? Another resounding Yes. But how do we know what His will is? Is there a guideline from His word - the scriptures? Another resounding Yes! In this book, renowned Life Coach, Doctor David Ogbueli, Senior Pastor of the Dominion City Ministries worldwide, and President of the Golden Heart Foundation, brings us these keys, in a timely moment in our nation. This minibook is entirely free. It's Ogbueli's gift to the nations....

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