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When God Falls in Love

when god falls in love

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WHEN GOD FALLS IN LOVE is a collection of poems that explore the relationship between God and man; God's unconditional love and man's eternal struggle will his failings as a mortal. The poems will touch you – spirit, body, and soul, and rekindle the flame of His love in your heart. "When God fell in love, he didn’t just think it, he acted. His action saved humanity forever and not just His Thought.”...

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Titled 'Insights'. This book is a collection of quotes. A reminder that all things work together for our good in (and at) "all times". The quotes run for 365 days; so as with scriptures, we live daily with a positive outlook on life. 'It's a book that will appeal to all who seek to view life from different angles while seeking for solutions in handling life's challenges and turning them into opportunities' The use of simple Language makes it a delight for the heart'. Insight is an approach to alternative perspective; a teaching about looking at the other side of the coin...

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