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What are the ingredients of a page-turner? Is it sex; friendship; romance; abuse; acrimony; love; unforgiveness; faith; secrets? Find them all in my book titled DAMAGE. This book is for everyone who is in a relationship, has been in one or intends to be in one. Do you want a book that will entertain you, intrigue you, shock you – sometimes, keep you in suspense, thrill you, amuse you, educate you, probably make your hackles rise, but certainly never bore you? Then this book is for you. Follow Chike, Ogemnabia, Tunde – the lead characters – and others on their journey. Chike and Ogemnabia are the perfect recipe for a happily-ever-after story – Chike is handsome, ambitious and successful; Ogemnabia is brilliant, confident, and breathtakingly beautiful. But when reality comes knocking, dreams and fantasies crumble into dust. Chike, an erstwhile prince charming, is forced to battle the demons of his past that threaten to send him and his family straight to hell. For Ogemnabia, the questions and insecurities that have plagued her whole life take on a whole new urgency as she struggles to hold onto the dreams that have been denied her. Will they withstand life’s storms together and discover the true meaning of love? Or are forgiveness and happily-ever-after just too much to ask? This book is rated 16+ by the Author - SNV. This book has a faith-based theme. ...

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