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The Duct Series - Adult Only (18+)

the duct series - adult only (18+)18+

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Duct simply means a channel. And a channel conveys things whether in waves, liquid or solid forms. The Duct Series have stories of romance and love conveyed or made possible through criminal events. The main characters of this romance fest had crime as the duct to their happy endings. Crime connected and strengthened their love!...

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The Unromantic Series

the unromantic series18+

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Akan and Rose meet in the weirdest of circumstances. Rose had been struggling with the weight of her ex's large TV and hadn't minded where she'd been going when Akan hit her. He rushes her to the hospital but ends up spending the hours left till midnight with her. Akan's convinced that she's mentally unstable, yet can't understand why he couldn't get her off his mind two months after that night. Rose only had a few people she could trust, her late parents not included. It's a tight circle, yet, the man she only knew as Prude had made an impression; a man who called her Hurricane. There's no romance between this two, only elemental emotions....

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CHOICES (Teen Series - Volume 1)

choices (teen series - volume 1)

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Choices is the first volume of the Teen Series which seeks to deal with the problems faced by teenagers in our present society. Choices deals with the decisions that teenagers are likely to take depending on their friends, family and environment. This short play seeks to portray the possible consequences that come from the choices they make. This story was illustrated by Munachi Igweze....

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AUNTY VERO (Ubiak-Etto Series #1) - Adult Only (18+)

aunty vero (ubiak-etto series #1) - adult only (18+)18+

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Veronica is a visitor at Ubiak-Etto. She knows this when her boyfriend of many years leaves her for an eighteen year old girl and everyone turns on her as though she’s the one that cheated. And when, months later, she unwittingly walks into the macabre masquerade tradition that no one had warned her about. Her hero is the highest masquerade of the land; the looming beast has to rape her to save her from the others. Is it still rape if tingles of pleasure shoot through her body? Warning: This is a weird insta-love story with a guaranteed HEA. If you love weird, heart thumping, pant melting romance that takes your imagination on a wild ride – this is so for you! ...

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WAR - Adult Only (18+)

war - adult only (18+)18+

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How can one break out of a prison built in between two quarreling countries about to war, in the middle of a crocodile infested swamp? Laika could not stand for the casual way the Senate wished to wipe from existence the bad decision called Marshland. After over ten years, there were innocent children birthed in the uni-sex prison, she couldn't let them be decimated by the bomb expected from the other side. So, she commandeers a warship and it's a long night and day of trying to stay alive. She started a war before the war....

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