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A Tycoon and Circumstance - Adult Only (18+)

a tycoon and circumstance - adult only (18+)18+

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Casmir Otong and Louisa Ndon both have baggage that they aren't sharing. Casmir was never happy in his marriage and still wasn't happy even after his wife's death. Louisa knows no peace for want of revenge on a thug who killed her father. Desperate circumstances bring them together, twice and they are inseparable after that. Casmir is willing to help Louisa even though she's pregnant with another man's child. Louisa holds on to a secret a moment too long and looses everything. Tinged with hot, passionate scenes. A definite happy ever after of bad leading to good....

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Forever Destiny

forever destiny

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What do you call a blind date that isn't so blind? Tess Ekanem is shocked to come face to face with a past she had tried and so far, had succeeded to forget and avoid. All the mostly forgotten feelings of hurt and betrayal came hurtling back into her heart and she channeled it into a slap that stunned her blind date. Jeff Enang isn't a stranger to slaps but it usually came from women he could recognize not from a beautiful, chubby strange woman - his blind date. He should have been angry but all he wanted was to know her more. Thoughts of her made him want to dine with the devil if only to find her but that never happened. Instead, his child gets kidnapped and he's faced with the realization that his blind date could, possibly, be the mother of his daughter. Forever Destiny tells a story of what's yours is yours....

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Moms - Adult Only (18+)

moms - adult only (18+)18+

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Seven years later, the heroines of the previous Duct series - Eddy, Wana, Debbie and Alero, celebrate family, adult kids (Stacey and Richard) and new friends (Cecil Ebe) on New Year's Eve. But there's a new enemy in town with his own agenda and he ends up working with King Edem, who's incarcerated for life, to exact vengeance on Morgan and Alero, using their children. The kidnap attempt goes bad and all pupils of Ahead Nursery and Primary School are locked in with the kidnappers. The women can't reach their husbands, so they take laws into their hands and do everything possible to rescue their children...and their husbands. Cecil Ebe returns to Retired DSS Director of Security, Usen Ebong, after rejecting his proposal years ago and Richard is head over heels in love with Stacey. It is a romance fest! ...

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TRAUMA - When Kenny meets Kate as a teenager he mistakes her for a boy. Eight years later his father forces him into an arranged marriage with her. Kenny hates her on sight, while Kate has been in love with him forever; she plans on making her marriage work no matter what. But Kenny plans on fighting his father's control with all his strength and that control includes his marriage....

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CHAOS (Unromantic #4) - Adult Only (18+)

chaos (unromantic #4) - adult only (18+)18+

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It is chaos for everyone in the final sequel of Unromantic. Akan has gone crazy with missing Rose, the NDLEA team seems disbanded, Rose is at the door of a miscarriage, Puma the drug kingpin is in hiding but planning his revenge. Everything must come to a head... Rose once again proves herself capable of untold feats....

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