Username: Ememjamesbassey
Company Name : FAB Books
Location: Akwa Ibom State

Emem Bassey loves romance in all its glory, be it books, movies or music, especially when blended with action, adventure and magic, definitely with a plus size heroine. Having always had an active imagination and believed she could do better than some of the books she'd read, she began writing at age 17, self tutoring and hasn't looked back since. All her books have plus size heroines. She staunchly believes that the world is already filled with too much tragedy, so she writes to entertain, to give relief and lighten the heart. Her books are thirteen and counting, all published on; she’s the author of the popular Duct series, Baby’s Angel and Unromantic series. She lives at Uyo, Akwa Ibom State and is basically a ghost to her neighbors.
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