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The Unexpected

the unexpected

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When it rains, it pours. Katherine Sylvester discovered this fact as a teenager when her only family member died while asleep. Pushed to the wall, there seem always a choice to make at every turn. What are those choices and how did they make or mar her? What does it mean when there are no immediate repercussion to an injustice melted?...

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lost, then found

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Lillian Fadeke is a beautiful woman, a brilliant aeronautics consultant and wife to an amazing ophthalmologist...well, until the night she stabbed her husband while he was asleep. Terrified by what she has done, and the fact that she has lost the man she loves, Lillian realises she needs to face the demons from her past. Will she find forgiveness, healing, and possibly, love again? Lost, Then Found...a woman's journey of finding herself....

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Substance in Her Corpse

substance in her corpse

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Grateful for a better paying job, Omoye moves into a new household as Caregiver to the ten-month old baby of still grieving widower, Itoro Umoh. But a few weeks in the house and she is having nightmares and overhearing suspicious conversations that point to a possible murder....

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The Last Sacrifice

the last sacrifice

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There are times when the sins of the father is visited upon the children. Times when the innocent pay for the evil deeds of the guilty. Times when the consequences of one's actions live beyond the grave. That is the story of Arewa, a young girl caught in the repercussions of her late father's deeds. Can the curse be broken and Arewa set free?...

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