Ezekiel Adewale Ajibade lectures at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso. He has his Ph.D. in Christian Preaching, minoring in such... more

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Yes I Do: Revisiting Our Marriage Covenant

yes i do: revisiting our marriage covenant

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After the wedding day, not so many people go to pick up their wedding programmes to see the vows they made to each other. These are deep words of covenant! This book will help you remember all you said on your wedding day and help you in abiding by those words so your marriage can get sweeter and sweeter day after day....

Thinking Aloud: A Collection of Inspiring Poems

thinking aloud: a collection of inspiring poems

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Great thoughts about truth, maturity, character, principles, leadership, relationship, life and living. Some thoughts about Nigeria too!...

Handling Criticism

handling criticism

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We all get criticised every day. Criticisms would either make you or mar you. It will either give you friends or enemies. Learn the secrets of making the best use of criticism and being your best when you need to criticise others....

God's Wristwatch

god's wristwatch

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It's a computer age when everything is fast, if not instantaneous. How does one balance this with a God who makes all thing beautiful in its time and the scripture which teaches waiting on Him? In a time when people get disillusioned with life in spite of the daily promises of immediate miracles from men and women of God, where does spiritual reality lie and where do people find the strength to weather the storms of life? This book answers it all....



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Acts 16 is a chapter in the Bible full of actions and exploits. As you read these five series of exposition from the chapter, you find yourself joining Paul in his mission as you deepen your knowledge of God, advance his kingdom and equally advance your own life to the realm of divine fulfillment. ...