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I broke my Heart

i broke my heart

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From love to mischief, and real life experiences, this book has got it all. An amazing compilation of five dazzling stories which are told in the most amazing ways, that will get you all fired up. In ‘When the Church Bells Ring’, a lady is torn between getting needed financial help at the cost of her relationship, however the unimaginable happens when she suffers betrayal from the least expected person. The young wife in ‘I broke My Heart’ has insecurities based on her husband’s past affair. Will her insecurities override her sense of Judgement? Take a trip to Kenya with ‘The witches of Samogara’, in which a widely accepted belief gives liberty to oppression. ‘My sister’ is sure to crack you up, as you follow the mischievous adventures of a young nine year old. ...

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Echoes of Darkness

echoes of darkness

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She is a young woman. And like every other young woman, she makes wrong choices. This lands her in a marriage she never dreamed of and she sinks to her lowest point due to an abusive husband and a difficult marriage. At a time she contemplates suscide but thoughts of her children keep her going. It is at this point that she finds redemption by realizing her self worth and esteem. She stands up to this monster called domestic violence and does the needful. Join her on this journey of self discovery and becoming a voice to thousands of women who have none. This book'll leave you yearning till the last page. ...

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