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One Week In The Life of A Hypocrite

one week in the life of a hypocrite

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One week in the life of Bosun and Titi, lovers longing for the approach of their wedding day, caught in the complicated web of secrets and the demands of trust. One truth could threaten the love journey; but one of the lovers defies the risk and decides to let it all out, resulting in an unexpected unraveling....

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The Stuff of Love Songs

the stuff of love songs

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Tolu’s lover is a treasure in his heart, so the purity of his feelings flows. Bola has lived her life like a sweet dream sometimes in the past, and she is satisfied with her lover, but she fears for the familiar comforts of their relationship; so she throws her lover a seemingly minor challenge. Love Like Us, a popular romance game show on national TV, could work as a gift or a curse for lovers, due to its potential to unravel intimacy or lack of it. When Tolu and Bola, following Tolu’s initiative, decide to appear on the show in order to give their relationship a brighter spark, they have to face deep-seated fears and irritating discoveries from the ruins of their past disappointments as they chart a new course for their union....

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Saints and Crooks

saints and crooks

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A marijuana-smoking pastor's wife, a man who would go any length to make a woman love her, university friends who find it hard to become lovers because of the scarcity of right words; these are stories of love. ...

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