She weaves great tales to thrill or force thought. Rachael is intimate about the morals, cultures, wealth, hopes and dreams of Africa. 

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A Long Night (An Anthology)

a long night (an anthology)

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Do you dare to open the Pandora's box? IN HERE, THERE IS A TALE FOR EVERYONE. ~ A Long Night: Udoh is a typical boy with a burning passion for football; nothing else comes in between, except for the unwavering hand of his mother! His passion eventually puts him in a precarious situation that leaves him with two options: 1. Endure punishment 2. Risk his life Oblivious to the severity of it, he chooses number two! Read a haunting tale that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions! ~ Bondage: When mad lust and good looks binds you by your hands and feet, and whisks you over its shoulders, You wistfully smile as you are carried away, unaware that you have just begun a journey that will leave you powerless to end. This was the fate of Laura in this sorrowful tale. ~ Innocents Unheard: When a mouth has lost its voice, how then will it speak? When a mouth is stuffed with dirt, how else will it speak? Find out in this tragic tale. ~ Nine Lives: Nimble feet and perfect timing are all you need to claim treasures from the kitchen at night...or so Ali thought. Follow this thrilling tale told from a child's POV. ~ Trapped in My Body: When darkness is your comfort and the mirror mocks you in glaring light, what is left is only hope. But what if your hope is nothing but thin shreds, slowly dissipating with each passing day? Find out in this tale. ~Blurred Image: When love isn’t all but dashed hopes, when happily ever after is nothing but a fleeting mirage, and when you find yourself cut out of the picture, what remains is hurt and a longing for closure. This man was jilted by love, and finding closure can be a dangerous thing… ~ Goose Bumps: When you are wrapped under sheets with cool breeze wafting over you from open windows, and the moon's beam is your spotlight; you think this makes for a perfect night's sleep until an eerie presence decides to keep you company. Find out in this thrilling tale. ~Contemplation: What is the meaning of life and all its complexity? For the common man trapped in a failing society, what is the reward of living? Contemplate after reading this reflective tale. ~ Primal Justice: This tale exposes the horrors of a starving child on a sunny day when all but a handful of garri grains threatened to take his life. ~ I Met the Devil's Child: "It lies in wait by the footpath, drawing passers-by to their death and yet here I was, holding this beautiful creature in my arms and I still was alive!" Follow this thrilling tale told from a young boy's point of view....

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