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Stepping Up To be Seen

stepping up to be seen

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Zacchaeus had felt unlucky all his life. In fact, he had always been the odd one out, short-changed by circumstances beyond his control from birth. He made it big time by sheer determination, but through crooked dishonest means because he never believed he could have achieved success by any decent means- having always been unlucky all his life... Until the day he chose to put his luck to the test, only to discover that the outcome of his life was never subject to his circumstances all along......

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Madame De Madame Season 1 (Preview)

madame de madame season 1 (preview)

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Madame de Madame Fiction Series captures the escapades of Madam Aduke Cole a young Nigerian Lady in Business as she quits her well-paying job to join the SME band wagon. Novels in the series highlight strong points any existing or intending SME Operator must learn from. It’s like viewing harsh realities we must face in our peculiar economy through rose-coloured lenses to provide some kind of cushion effects, comic relief and an overall pleasant learning experience. Here is a sneak preview of the first Novel in the series, Back To Square One. Enjoy it! ...

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the sweet temptation

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The chemistry was building between beautiful and brainy Rita- Lead Soprano of the prestigious 800 voice Praise Assembly choir and Kunle, her very handsome, eligible and much admired Music Director. And what a cute couple they could have been… However, while eager ears strained for news of their formal engagement so that the wedding plans could start full force, there came this sweet temptation in shirt and trousers… Would Rita’s love for God be strong enough to sustain her through this pressure? Would her potential relationship with Kunle ever survive the distraction? … Adebimpe and SOJ were a young, cute and much admired couple. Unknown to many however, theirs was another abusive marriage out there… Then SOJ lost it…and disaster struck! And somebody somewhere wouldn’t let the matter rest … Is physical abuse strong enough reason to prevent or end a marriage? Could any form of damage control ever redeem this disaster? … And there was beautiful Angela, who though happily married to wealthy Ted – any lady’s crush, had a big void which nothing on earth could fill… And Rita’s mischievous girlfriends, who kept getting entangled with all manners of pranks, each of which they paid dearly for… ‘Daughters of Eve’ is a fiction series about the everyday struggles of ladies, single and married alike this part of the globe. It also addresses some myths and baseless strongholds of fears which hinder the bond of true friendship and love. ...

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