Ugochukwu is one very creative person chilling on God's green earth, an amazing author. 

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one rainy night

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There is a popular saying that “Life is more spiritual than physical” This contentious topic is possibly always randomly debated almost everywhere in the world, and perhaps, somewhere even this minute. One Rainy Night is one of such controversial piece that will leave you with chills. A young man steps out to get some medication for his sick wife and gets three different alarming encounters. Something unimaginable happened to him that night. Do you really want to know what happened? Then join me on this exploratory ride and let’s catch some cruise....

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He Said Yes 2

he said yes 2

14 reads

Kamsi is in between getting Kosi's attention back and understanding what the hell is wrong with Cynthia. Some secrets were revealed and some hearts were broken. He Said Yes 2 is a whole lot of drama and if you want to enjoy the story and understand better read the first one...

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He Said Yes

he said yes

62 reads

Her name is Kosi, she is a gorgeous, hardworking daughter of one of the Abuja billionaires. She is getting pressure from her parents to get married and she also wants to, but with a man that loves her for who she is and not because her beauty or wealth. His name is Kamsi, he is an average hardworking, talented man. He wants to settle down, but with a strong woman that respects a man, and is ready to support and push his dreams to the peak. How they connected is an awesome story you should read, it's filled with drama, humor and romance. what did he say yes to, did she propose? How would this story end? Just read and enjoy yourself, It's not your regular romance story. ...

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The Happiest Nigerian Kid

the happiest nigerian kid

20 reads

The Happiest Nigerian Kid is an inspirational book for readers of all ages, and it appeals more to kids. It awakens the discovery of the creative ingenuity in every child, and enlightens both the kids and their parents about 'child entrepreneurship mindset'. The 9 years old Kamfe has an idea that can eradicate unemployment in the future and make the next generation of kids and youths to be top-notch....

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she knows ? (preview)

25 reads

If a woman troubles you, even if you were the devil you will still be frustrated. Ejike never imagined that his biggest secret would leak, not until he discovered that the lady he loved knew about it and even had a connection with it. His confusion got deeper as he tried to connect the dots, and frustration sets in when he found himself entangled in a drama of two women that were obsessed with him and the life of his true love was in danger. Love, anger, fear, and regret... All these emotion for one man to deal with at the same time, how would it end for him? ...

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