Life is sweet, if yours is bitter lick sugar. 

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Sight In The Dark

sight in the dark

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"I have taught people how to be strong and face their fears, now it's my turn as the teacher to practice what i have been teaching" Obinna pondered as he tried to clear the confusion in his head, and face the predicament that he suddenly found himself in. He is a wealthy motivational speaker who was invited for a presentation,in a workshop in Lagos.He traveled, leaving his beautiful wife, Amaka and his four four years old son, Jide at home; in Asaba. He experienced something devastating on his way to Lagos, which threw him in a confused state.His life, his family and his personality were at stake....

Love Must Be Deaf Too

love must be deaf too

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Ever been in a situation when you feel important and stupid at the same time. Imagine a man with so much attention and no concentration. Sometimes wishes can look like nightmares when they Start to come through. Bruce is in a hot seat how will he get out of it. ...

The Lie I Told Last Christmas

the lie i told last christmas

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Bruce is a simple guy who's life has been routinely. He has a fantastic job with good salary, but nothing spectacular going on around him. He decided to create a lie just to spice up his Christmas, forgetting that it is just a small period in a long year. He has left a big shoe for himself, can it fit?...

Minds On Rides

minds on rides

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The Unimaginable circumstances behind Chidimma's birth and the impact on the Benjamins, Chidimma's family, has brought enormous insecurity to her and her family. The issue of trust and friendship seems vague to Mr. Benjamin as he tries to find out who the enemy to his family is. Chidimma gets kidnapped by someone who wants nothing else for ransom than.... ;who could this enemy be..., and what is it that he wants. ...