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what saying yes did to me

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Henry had received a distressing call from his one and only loving big sister, Sandra, ordering him to come to her apartment at once. Little did he know that would be the last time he set his eyes on his loving sister. Amidst the cries, his big question was still why his sister would commit suicide. A death note left by his sister, Sandra, explained what saying yes did to her and how it led to her death. This book is dedicated to all the young ladies out there who are caught on the sidelines. ...

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as he steps out

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A story of love, trust, friendship, passion, fervour and heart desires. Henry Lawal (a Prince Charming and handsome man), and Funke Charles(a beautous and gorgeous lady), are university graduates, who have been friends since their school days and kept in touch till date. James Aide also happens to be Henry's best friend and confidant from their university days till date. He(James Aide) spends time with Henry often. Everyone thinks that Henry and Funke would make a lovely couple, they seemed perfect for each other. But a nemeses showed up in Henry's life which could claim his life in 6 months. Why would it take his life? Could it be his enemy's Scheme? Are they really perfect for each other? Will everything fall apart or in place? Will there be a solution to his nemeses? Will his trust be betrayed? Find out in AS HE STEPS OUT. You can't afford not to read this thriller and cliff-hanger book. It is a one time payment and you can have access to the book forever. Get your personal copy now. Signed Onwuneme Yahwedalu A passionate Author...

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Can a corrupt system in the society be eliminated? Realm is a gem literature written to show you the impact of determination, strategies, and revenge in fighting a corrupt system, and the sacrifices attached to it. Have you ever thought of fighting corruption or changing a corrupt system. Yes or no? 50 percent of people think of it. I am sure you don't wanna miss the strategies shared in this thrilling book. James Okeke's blood brother died in his arms and as a result, he made a decision of a lifetime: To expose the corrupt system. He vowed to avenge his brother's death and put the corrupt system and the strongholds down. Now, not alone because, for a lion to go faster, he has to go with his peers. He embraced Mark(his nephew) and Clifford(his colleague, who suffered a loss of family by fire) in his plan. Now if the victim is James and his loved ones, then who is the victimizer? That is CHIEF of course, the mastermind who made sure everyone was trapped in the loop including the divisional police officer. But, will they be able to eradicate corruption? Will everything fall into place? Can they survive the coming crisis? Who will emerge victorious at the end? You have to get that in the e-book. Now for you to be on this page with me, that shows that you are a voracious reader and ready to get this book. This book will give leverage to your brain and mind to think and also to anticipate the suspense. This book cost just #300, don't hesitate to get this book. You can't afford not to get it. Click the icon(buy book) above to buy. Buy now. It is a lifetime investment. Thanks for your time. Signed Onwuneme Yahwedalu A passionate author....

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