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LinkedIn Visibility Guide: How To Attract Top Recruiters And Exec

linkedin visibility guide: how to attract top recruiters and exec

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Are you ready to become a sought after expert in your sector? With over 600 million users globally, LinkedIn is the largest professional network for the corporate professional, yet many African career women are barely scratching the surface of what this platform can do for our careers If you've been using your LinkedIn profile as a digital, CV holder, you are missing out.​... With this E-guide, I am taking out the guess work from LinkedIn​ In this one-of-a-kind- guide I will be showing you how to; Tell your career story on LinkedIn so you turn up in more relevant searches for your sector; Build a global network to help you achieve your career goals;Create content that demonstrates your expertise and positions you as a thought leader in your field. LinkedIn has the power to  1. Help you become a sought after professional in your sector 2. Connect you to senior professionals in your sector both locally and internationally who can open doors  3. Make you visible to top recruiters and head hunters 4. Enable you demonstrate your expertise and sell your professional skills 5. Position you as an industry leader Get this guide now....

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