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Beautiful Surrender

beautiful surrender

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Have you ever wanted something so bad it defined your existence? It’s been three years of marital bliss for Nimi and Dapo Olakitan. Until Nimi finds herself battling discontentment within. She questions God’s goodness over her life while longing for answers to her aching soul. Lara Amadi nee Olakitan enjoys being married to her childhood sweetheart. After the brutal and traumatizing experience of her past, she gladly welcomes her new life as a gift from God, believing in Christ she’s a new creature. But the nightmares keep invading her dreams, making her doubt her liberty in Christ and her faithfulness to Ikenna. If believing in Jesus was enough to heal her, why does she still feel broken inside? When the past comes calling, Lara is torn between running or staying behind to face it. As both women discover deep and darker parts of themselves, they learn more about a Saviour mighty enough to save them in every season. Only when they discover harmony within can they live out God’s plan for their lives....

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Beautiful Wings

beautiful wings

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Born into wealth, Lara Olakitan has everything a girl could ever want: Money, fame, family, friends and a fiance envied by all. With everything and everyone at her beck and call, she can't help thriving on the attention the world showers her. Until tragedy strikes, dark secrets unfold and Lara's world crumbles. Nimi Adeyemi is Lara's Personal Assistant and understands the battles Lara faces. As a woman with a resilient and passionate heart for Jesus, she believes she has the answer to Lara's problems and longs to save her. But when Nimi suddenly finds herself in the middle of it all, she is startled by the internal conflicts waging war within her soul. She slowly realises Lara is not the only one who needs saving is compelled to make a choice that could either make or mar them both. But what if choosing the right path meant losing everything?...

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