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In Hell Due To Unforgiving Heart

in hell due to unforgiving heart

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"Unforgiveness" is the poison that you wish to give to the offender (one who has hurt you) but on the other hand, you are the one that takes it, in not realizing the consequences of doing so, hoping that the other person(s) who has hurt you will pay dearly for, but in the long run it is YOU that does. When unforgiveness is not dealt with, it will take root and begin to grow into bitterness and hatred that will eat you up from the inside out. And it will destroy you like a growing cancer (a slow death) that consumes an individual's life....

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Adaku the mysterious girl

adaku the mysterious girl

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Having suffered for so many years, Amadi was at the point of breakthrough when tragedy struck. If he did believe in fate, he would agree that an ill fate had befallen him. It looks as if there was no end to the dark tunnel, but the worst nightmare was just by the corner....

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Amaka the Evil Maid

amaka the evil maid

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The line between fantasy and reality is very thin. But the true nature of the heart is truly revealed in the midst of turmoil. Amaka's dreams took an unexpected turn and her true nature of heart was revealed....

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