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One Year in the Jungle

one year in the jungle

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"Just three weeks. Yet, it appeared as though it was going to last forever. Many campers couldn't survive the experience. I had left Lagos for a 21-day jungle experience at the NYSC orientation Camp, somewhere in Cross River, Nigeria. A pretty long trip that birthed other journeys. Upon my arrival at the Camp, I saw thousands of young folks from different states and family backgrounds, craving for progress in their lives..." *** What others have said... I will recommend this book to all Nigerian undergraduates who are preparing for the National Youths Service because it's fascinating and also full of lessons and insights that they can learn from. Despite the challenges Degreat faced during his service year, he endured, and of course, left a mark in the community he served. — Ojo Adegoke A. Recommending this book to only undergraduates awaiting NYSC call ups would mean limiting the scope of this great work; because it offers applicable life lessons to everyone that wants to make a positive impact in their sphere, in all facets. — Evi Ogoro Thank you for taking the time to journal your NYSC experience. I love the fact that you were intentional about what you wanted to achieve during the period and you remained focused on it till the end. This should be the mindset of every graduate awaiting the NYSC experience. — Joy Okoledo I commend Degreat for a job well done. I love his great writing skills. No doubt, this book is proof of his accountability and transparency to humanity. —Oyedokun Oluwatobi M....

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