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Cliff Hangers

cliff hangers

31 reads

Billie and Jean just want to escape the hell of a life fate has dealt them....Separately. Ramsey will do absolutely anything for his sister, but is Max one request too far? Two queer tales, which draw you in..... And then leave you hanging!...

Conversations With God

conversations with god

7 reads

What really happened when Jesus went to the grave, was there really a fight, how did it go, how did the heavenly hosts react to his Crucifixion. Take a ride through the mind of the author, as he imagines what might have been, in tales that have truly intrigued us. Death, Atheism,, Creation, Pre creation...

Becoming Man - Letters To My Consciousness

becoming man - letters to my consciousness

16 reads

Love, Lust, Child brides, Womanhood, Manhood, Motherhood, Fatherhood, Wars, Peace, Child MarriageAtheism, Religion, God, Family, Death, Fears..... Poetry Read about all of this and more in this poetic compilation of our present reality, and future hopes...