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Sister Dear

sister dear

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Odion has witnessed it all her life: what Omo wants, Omo gets. The better genes, their parents' favour, the male attention. So Odion finds herself automatically deferring to her more vivacious twin and manages not to resent it as they usually want different things. After all with Odion at the University of Abuja and Omo at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, they lead different lives. Then enter Biodun, a postgraduate student she meets quite by accident who really sees her for who she is and loves her. At least, so she believes, because she has fallen hard for him even though neither of them has actually said the words. But then Omo comes visiting and Odion’s world turns over on itself until she finds herself at the altar playing the role of maid of honour. Will the ensuing events force Odion to finally see Omo for what she is or will her innate loyalty to family keep happiness out of her reach forever?...

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Adesuwa's Dilemma

adesuwa's dilemma

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Adesuwa doesn’t understand what Nosa’s problem is, sticking his nose in her business—and nor does she want to! Life is bad enough. There’s the matter of a pesky little sister, an absentee-father and a distracted mother who is more concerned with building her business. Add to the mix the reality of being part of a polygamous home where fighting and suspicion among the wives seems to be the order of the day, and she’s just about had enough. Nosa might be a childhood friend, but why does he care what she’s up to with her newer, street-wise friend, Uma? All Adesuwa wants is to spice up her life and grow up fast and she knows just the way to do it: hooking up with Sanmi, a good-looking guy from the university. However, as time passes and she has to face up to making one final difficult decision, she’s caught between either losing Uma’s friendship or Nosa’s respect....

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