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operation a-men

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Kome Ogene; state offender, Internet hacker extraordinaire, self-proclaimed intellectual deity and federal fugitive. Barrister Korede Odunade; astute lawyer and human rights activist. Linda Ebachie; brilliant, gifted and of an exceptional breed. Agent Goke Davids; quick-witted, judicious, passionate and fearless detective. Almadin Umaru; street urchin turned heartless assassin. Egunu; sadistic and ruthless death contractor. President Bello Gurau; a leader struggling with formidable forces arrayed against him. Major Haman-"The chosen One" and grand conspirator. Operation A-Men spins a web of betrayal, violence, unconscionable brutality, and unbridled political ambition in a fictional African setting. The plot thickens by the page, putting the reader through nerve-wracking heights of suspense. This is a fast-paced and cautionary tale of conspiracies in very high places....

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