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Coming To The End Of Self

coming to the end of self

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This book is not written to tell you that you need to die to self, or how important it is to die to self, rather it is meant to guide you into developing the spirit of brokenness—that thing that Jesus called being “poor in spirit”. By revelation of your being dead in Christ, you can grow into such brokenness that it becomes difficult for you to find any sufficiency in yourself and in any other thing apart from Christ alone. You will learn to die to self and live by the life of Christ alone. By the time you are through reading this book you will be impacted and overwhelmed with that feeling of brokenness and submission unto God. And as such you will find living the Christian life much easier. ...

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Victory Over Sin

victory over sin

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The most effective way to preach the gospel is to live it out, to become a living testimony of what Christ offers. He died to put away sin, he sets us free from sin, and then the Scripture tells us that, “This is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith.” (1John 5:4). Our faith (Christianity) is the victory that overcomes all, and our lives are a living testimony of that victory. Are you a Christian and yet you can’t find this victory in your life, you find yourself struggling with sin and always fall flat on your face? Probably you have listened to several messages and read many books but it is not really helping, you find yourself going back and forth in your relationship with God all because of this issue of sin. The book was put together to give you a practical guide on walking in that victory that Christ won for us. You don’t need to get another victory, the battle has ended and victory has been won for you. You only need to walk and stand in the victory that Christ has won for us, yes he has given us rest from the struggle with sin, get this book and learn to come into that rest....

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Christ; The Christian Spirituality

christ; the christian spirituality

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In the dream of king Nebuchadnezzar about the kingdom of men and that of God, it was the rock cut not by the hands of man that crushed everything that is of man and established God’s kingdom on earth. It is only that which has not be defiled by the hand of the carnal man that would bring down God’s Kingdom and fulfill His will. We need a Christianity free from the carnal man, free from every form of carnality; a Christianity that is utterly spiritual, utterly Christ. This book shine light on every hiding place of the carnal man in our midst; every dark corner inhabiting this unwanted resident, exposing this ugly man and demonstrating what ought to be, a spirituality that is utterly Christ....

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The Procession Of Holiness

the procession of holiness

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God conceived a plan before the foundation of the world. And that plan is that Christ will descend and ascend that he might fill all things with himself (Eph 4:10). Only God is truly holy, and God through Christ desire to fill all things with Himself. The procession of holiness is Christ filling all things. First he reconciles everything that he touches back to the Father and then he fills it with himself. The Ecclesia is specially chosen for this mission of reconciliation and the filling of all things with Christ, for she is the body of Christ. But there is a battle out there as darkness is growing and evil is busy filling all things. This means that there will be a massive clash between holiness and evil, and the Ecclesia must master holiness enough to be able to be able to wrestle down evil and cause holiness to spread like wild fire. This book teaches the process by which Christ fills the Christian with himself, how the Christian can become yielding, how this holiness spreads from the individual Christian and then fill the Ecclesia, spreading into the environment of the Ecclesia, conquering the surrounding evil and bringing Christ to dominance. Yes, a mighty revival is coming, do not think that everything will only grow darker. A revival of the waves of holiness, crushing upon us all, and overtaking us. Let those who have ears hear what the Spirit is saying....

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The Divine Romance; The Blueprint To Deep Intimacy With God

the divine romance; the blueprint to deep intimacy with god

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Life is all about relationship, and there is no relationship more important than that with the heavenly Father. In Christ, God left heaven to come get a bride for Himself. He didn't just want relationship with us but He wants a very deep relationship — intimacy. Man since the fall have been trying to reach God, but now it is God turn to chase after man. He would no longer have men pursuing Him by their perverse ways, rather He has chosen to be the author and finisher of this pursuit. So here we have God pursuing intimacy with us, putting in us an hunger for Him, and pulling us to chase after Him through the path that He has provided. This book gives a clearer view of how God does this, the process by which He brings us into deeper and deeper intimacy with Himself until we experience oneness with Him. Yes, we can become so united with God that whenever we speak we speak Him, in our action we are always doing Him, and in all of our ways it is Him we express. This is His goal, to bring us into a living experience of this oneness, and He would achieve this through intimacy. So get this book and begin to learn to respond to all of God's methods of pulling you, trying to awaken in you a passion for Him. He has been pulling you all these while but you don't know His ways, you cannot see and respond to it. But with this book your eyes will become open to the ways by which He pulls you, then you will be able to respond and go with Him into the depth of intimacy until you experience oneness with Him...

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