I can't drown my demons, they know how to swim... So I put them out here to quench their thirst with your thoughts. 

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INSOMNIA and Others

insomnia and others18+

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This book contains strong language, nudity, horror, disturbing images and notions that one might find offensive. It is fictitious. Excerpt - Book 2: The Aftermath "I faced the greatest monsters my imaginations could conjure. I won what monster could be greater than it’s creator?" Excerpt - Book 5: Insomnia "Don’t let them catch me, you’d mutter but you can’t fall forever. You’d open your eyes gasping for breathe for every time you go there, you lose a bit of yourself" Excerpt - Book 8: Lust "Her hands seemed quicker than yours, as they find their way to your belt You feel the ease from your waist as the belt unbuckles"...

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As one go through life, you realize the world demands so much from you. In hope of giving the world and the people around you just what they want, you find that you slowly lose yourself and you forget what it was you wanted for yourself from the beginning. In Dilemma, Emmanuel Crown put to words the suffering, the pain and the feeling of confusion that comes with choosing between what you want and what those around you want for you. It is a book with over 100 pages worth of poetic tales of self-discovery, understanding the pain that comes with loving, being loved and of losing those you love....

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Dilemma (#CampusChallenge)

dilemma (#campuschallenge)

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Name: Adeniyi Emmanuel Level: 300 Department: Economics School: University of Maiduguri Synopsis: Everyone reacts differently to the emotions that they feel, but what happens to a person who cannot feel or better still to a person who does not know what to feel....

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What the Education System can do. ...

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