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Behind The Little Bundles of Joy

behind the little bundles of joy

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I recall the look of shock and surprise on their faces each time my baby moved, it was like magic for them until the day one of the ladies asked after she hugged me……’why is your tummy so hard?” We all erupted into laughter as she asked, especially the married folks while she looked at me perplexed. ‘I was just curious, I wonder what it feels like, I wonder what I would look like and feel during my own time,’ her eyes widened a little with fear as she whispered to me. 'They told me it’s very painful giving birth to a child.' Behind the Little Bundles of Joy is an inspirational book that details the journey of a naive first-time mother through pregnancy and later as a waiting mum dealing with infertility. For every woman and man aspiring to be a parent, this is your go -to book. ...

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