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Of Children Born To Us

of children born to us

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'Children will be children' does not always hold true. Sometimes, children are warriors, dreamers, fighters, survivors, givers, lovers, victors, victims, or a combination of everything. In this moving coming of age compilation of short stories with African children protagonists, get ready to experience a rollercoaster of emotions as you follow their journeys of wins and losses, big and small. Of Children Born To Us presents us with both hilarious and gripping scenarios children find themselves in that sometimes force them to mature, make judgment calls and live with the consequences of their decisions. From characters experiencing poverty, dealing with abuse, modern-day slavery, self-awareness, vitiligo, disability, teenage love, and sibling rivalry, you would find that strength can be found in hopeless places and everything isn’t always as it seems. Nonso, Matthew, Deolu, Anwuli, Roni, Edosa, and Uche do not seem to have a lot in common on the surface. But deep down, they bear their dreams for a better future like totems until they meet people in their lives who are out to influence them. As the courses of their lives change through changing governments, economics, parental decisions or just good old fate, they must, in spite of their ages, decide what the ultimate courses of their lives would be. It is a book about children, but it isn’t necessarily a children’s book. If you love a gripping story of children and are not afraid of a few laughs and a few tears, you would love this book. ...

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