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broken but healed

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Life is filled with so many ups and downs, these can be overwhelming sometime. There are those who are able to look away from whatever life throws at them and move on, but it is not everybody that has this gift, some of us get confused and traumatized when faced with certain life situations, and that is what this book is all about. To guide you through the difficult moments of your life, this book is meant to show you that you can overcome every difficult situation in life with the help of God....

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The Uniqueness In Her

the uniqueness in her

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"You were not created a woman to compete with anyone. You were created to be a puller and a mover of men (general term). You were not created to compete with the male folk or even your fellow female folk. You are in this world to be a light to another. You were made to add value to others. Your existence in life is not complete until you have made a positive impact on the life of another. You are meant to be a supporter, a cheerleader, an encourager." Women were created to be great, we were not created just to be relegated to the kitchen. We were created to bring light anywhere we find ourselves. We were not made to feel inadequate or feel low about ourselves that is why we should never feel that there's nothing for us to offer because we have alot, a great deal to offer to the world....

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stars of god

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The quest for self discovery has led many into different activities that has shattered, battered and destroyed their lives and destinies. It is evident that you can not achieve true purpose in life if you do not know who you are PR what you are meant to do in life. In order to know this there are things you need to discover, so as you journey through this book I pray you discover your true purpose in life....

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