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Queen Ogo and the Arrow from the Black Pope

queen ogo and the arrow from the black pope

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Was there a Black Pope and Papal kingdom in Africa? It was a question the King of Portugal asked in 1486. Could that have been what sparked the age of exploration, perhaps codenamed: To discover the Source of the Niger? Queen Ogo tells her story, and opens up a world hidden in plain sight. “Queen Ogo and the Arrow from the Black Pope by Ike Charles Okwuobi is very well written and researched. Okwuobi uses a variety of perspectives to paint a picture of a culture that everyone should learn about. It illuminates the enormous effect of the African slave trade on the current functioning of the U.S. and the concept of American Exceptionalism. It reveals the history of the Ibo people and their enormous impact on American democracy and uses the stories of many to jump through history to the modern-day [King João VI of Portugal, 1486; King James VI, 1604; American Puritans, 1619; Mungo Park, 1793]. Even recent events, such as the capitol riots of 2021, have struggled with issues and ideas that were established several hundred years ago. Okwuobi does a brilliant job of connecting these similarities, even across vast oceans. The use of multiple characters and time periods helps to paint the whole picture in a remarkable way. The ending is powerful and thought provoking. As a whole, Queen Ogo is extremely interesting, and I recommend it to others. A powerful piece of literature by Ike Charles Okwuobi that everyone needs to read.” – The Lost Chapter Book Review “Ike Charles Okwuobi has crafted a masterpiece. His words will make the reader stop, think, and absorb what is occurring in his scenes. It will provide them an education in African American culture like no book has attempted to show. Queen Ogo and the Arrow from the Black Pope has the potential to be awarded the distinguished honor to become a recommended book on the Black History Month list. It is filled with a rich culture that allows the reader to discover a world of times past. One whose characters suffered horrific circumstances and were able to take their tragedy and turn into triumph. I feel this book is about to take the literary world by storm!” —Suzie Housley, Midwest Book Review...

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