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The Making of a Brighter Future

the making of a brighter future

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Life is progressive and the future is meant to be better! You want happiness, a life with a growing sense of dignity and fulfilment; and you absolutely deserve a future that is surpassingly better than your past. This resource will show you the simple things you can do to create happiness for yourself and the world around you, so that you can enjoy the good life and future you desire. For those involved in the hallowed task of grooming lives and equipping the next generation to give meaningful expressions to their potentials; or If you are seeking to be a part of those making a difference and building a decent society where things work for the greater public good; a society where people have dignity, decent livelihoods and every child gets the right kind of education to equip them for life and living, this tool is a must have for you. Ultimately, every page of this life-tool, has been infused with core recipes for instilling sound values, raising ethical leaders and fostering true nationhood!...

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