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A Glint Of Hope

a glint of hope

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Ronke Cole’s life seems to be in shambles. She has been fired from her job and efforts at finding another job are yielding no results. When she eventually lands another job, she finds herself working under a toxic and dubious CEO, whose past atrocities are hunting him and who is prepared to do anything under the sun for his own interest. As Ronke grapples with intimidating challenges in her new workplace, her husband, Stephen, gets himself entangled in an extramarital affair, thereby compounding her woes. An infidel husband at home, a vile boss at work. Ronke’s life seems to be on the edge of a precipice. Things seem to be spiralling out of control. Ronke’s maternal cousin, Mojoyin, is willing to lend a helping hand; but would it be enough? Would there be a glint of hope? ...

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