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Dreaming Of Ways To Understand You

dreaming of ways to understand you

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“Dreaming of Ways To Understand You” is a collection of fifteen short stories that explore the complexities of human relationships. From the nightclubs in Lagos to the slums of Warri, from university campuses in Calabar to forests in Asaba, these stories take us on a journey through the lives of characters who attempt to navigate the intricacies of living in contemporary Nigeria: a Tinder hookup takes a really awkward turn, a working class young man becomes an involuntary third wheel in an abusive relationship, a judge’s daughter gets too emotionally attached to a member of a kidnapping ring, a secondary school reunion brings back memories of sexual assault, a lawyer struggles to keep up with the mental health complexities of his love interest, a queer woman battles with decade-long commitment issues, a long cross-country trip brings ethnic stereotypes to the fore, and a young man is forced to reminisce on a childhood crush while reliving moments from a difficult past. Viewing modern Nigeria from the perspective of individuals navigating relevant social issues while making sense of their own lives, “Dreaming of Ways To Understand You” is a collection that employs introspection and multiple narrative techniques to address themes like mental health, sexuality, body positivity, ethnic sentiment and domestic violence, with significant immersion in pop culture. ...

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Notes For Nnedimma

notes for nnedimma

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"Notes for Nnedimma" is a short collection of sensual, intense, emotion-driven poems. A body of work that defies the rules of conventional poetry compilations, it explores the nuances of lust, desire, love and divine femininity. Lyrical in the flow of its verses and deliberate in the delivery of its lines, "Notes for Nnedimma" reads like a medley of love songs, with all the accompanying tingles and blushes....

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Bachelors Anonymous II: Heart Wars

bachelors anonymous ii: heart wars

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The second instalment of a two-part franchise based on a fictional plot involving real-life social media users. Barely one year after the events involving the philophobic organisation in "Bachelors Anonymous", an evil syndicate rises up with the sole aim of breaking ladies' hearts and causing nervous breakdowns. Feminists are a natural enemy, but the new group also poses a danger to Yoruba Demons too....

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Bachelors Anonymous I

bachelors anonymous i

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The first installment of a two-part franchise based on a fictional plot involving real-life social media users. With an abundance of dialogue and improbable sequences, the book satirically explores the issues of Romance and Commitment. A group of philophobic bachelors are forced to take a major decision when their leader is gunned down by an assassin who works for a matchmaking group....

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the colours in these leaves

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"The Colours In These Leaves" is an autobiographical, unfiltered and complexly woven narrative about the human condition. Rendered in unconventional Prose, nonconforming Poetry and a handful of musings, the book is a personal journey through nascent adulthood and its accompanying uncertainties. "The Colours In These Leaves" Sheds intense light on love (and the lack thereof), anxiety, lust, societal pressure, loss, affectations, mental health challenges, and bunch of other potholes that litter the long road to becoming a grown-up....

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