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karen at crossroads

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Nine year old Karen is the baby of her family, and the delight of her parents and older brother. The only member of her family who doesn't seem to like her, is her older, teenage sister. When Karen and her family move into their new home shortly after the death of a beloved aunt, she soon discovers a 'friend' who can help her get back at her sister and deal with the grief of losing her aunt. The problem is that Karen isn't sure of how friendly her new 'friend' really is....

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To Love Again

to love again

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After the death of his wife and two kids, Telema James relocates from Lagos to Clarkstown to escape the grief threatening to suffocate him. His secretary, Joke Balogun who has secretly loved him for years follows him to Clarkstown. Will Telema be able to overcome the pain and grief of his loss to love again? Find out in this emotionally charged novel....

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God-fearing, gentle and ever eager to please, Jeniwari Silver Abbey, is a successful advertising executive who is fast approaching 40, still single and living with her parents. Forced to leave the family house one night as a result of her mother's taunts, Jeniwari resolves to put herself first thenceforward by taking charge of her life. She transforms into a more assertive, independent and confident woman focused on redefining her future. But, hanging over that future are shadows from her past, a secret her parents harboured from before she was born, and the fear of a mother for the future of her only son destined to cross paths with Jeniwari. ...

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